Town Inn Suites: Out of Sight

Unless you’ve forgotten to pay your light bill, chances are you’ve never experienced a full-course never experienced a full-course meal in a pitch-black room. Town Inn Suites is home to Toronto’s mind-boggling sensory experience: O.Noir restaurant, where guests dine in the dark and are served by an all-blind wait staff. Without cellphone screen lights or a candle, your senses shift into overdrive and provide a uniquely provocative culinary adventure.

As if the opportunity to dine at O.Noir wasn’t enough to place Town Inn Suites in a league of its own, the newly renovated boutique-style hotel is one of Toronto’s only all-suite properties, with each and every room boasting a full six-appliance kitchen, plus en suite washer/dryer, living room, dining space and a balcony – much more than your usual luxury hotel that charges two to three times more per night without any of these executive perks.

So to all of you who have successfully beaten the annual stressful February Blahs, giving yourself a pampered treat is in order, whether it’s staying short-term or long-term – like the many visiting penny-pinching students, arts and entertainment types or corporate bigwigs who have Town Inn on speed dial. Town Inn Suites doesn’t quite believe “there’s no place like home,” and with all this property offers for guests (and even their pets!), you’d be hard pressed to prove them wrong. Visit for more.