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Moving to Toronto?

Your Relocation Guide to the Queen City

Moving is stressful. At Town Inn Suites a number of our guests are individuals who are relocating to Toronto. We’re dedicated towards not only offering extended stay accommodations during this transitional period, but to providing our guests and individuals interested in moving to Toronto with valuable resources in our Toronto relocation guide to help them learn more about the area.

  • Economy: As the most populated city in Canada, Toronto is an international centre for business, finance, media, publishing, telecommunication, and information technology and film production industries. All of these sectors combine to make up Toronto’s diverse economy.
  • Population: An important destination for individuals moving to this global city, Toronto has a cosmopolitan and diverse city population which is made up of approximately 49% immigrants from outside Canada. Many people find this area to be a desirable place to live due to the relatively low crime rates and generally high standard of living.
  • Climate: Don’t let tales of igloos and arctic temperatures scare you. While that may reflect the climate in other Canadian cities, Toronto is only one degree latitude north of Boston, MA. Spring and summer temperatures are mild and during the winter months, the temperature hovers just slightly below freezing.
  • Schools: There are plenty of options for schooling in Toronto, Canada, both public and private. Toronto is also home to Canada’s largest university, The University of Toronto.
  • Healthcare: Toronto is home to over 20 public hospitals and specialized healthcare facilities outside of the downtown core that focus on a wide variety of medical specialties from geriatric care to rehabilitation for children with disabilities.
  • Transportation: Whether you take subways, streetcars, or busses there are a variety of public transit options in Toronto.

Before visiting Canada, find out what documents you need to carry with you and how to apply for a visa from the Government of Canada. The area is often considered to be one of the most livable cities in the world, but don’t take our word for it. Come see for yourself, and stay at Town Inn Suites while you’re getting settled.